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Ashburn Virginia Home So Good You’ll Want To Move Here

This House Is No Longer Available But You’ll Want To Custom Build Your Next Northern Virginia Home To Look Like It

You could be looking at the layout for your next home in Northern Virginia. An open-concept first floor includes a kitchen, great room, dining room, and sitting room as well as a rear deck. The second floor is rooms galore and the master suite is amazing. We can’t forget to mention the finished basement and media room along with several other areas you can enjoy.

Want to take the tour and see for yourself? Great, let’s go!

Starting With The Exterior

Jim and Pam are finally moving into their new Ashburn, Virginia home.

In fact, the couple is pulling into the driveway right now, looking at the home they haven’t seen in person for what feels like forever:

Ashburn Virginia home

It’s just like they remember. The car floats down the driveway as the couple slowly approaches the house. Before Jim can even put it into park Pam is taking off her seatbelt and getting ready to get out.

The car stops and Pam is opening the door, smile on her face and eyes shining. Jim pops out and together they walk into the front door to explore their new home before the movers arrive with the rest of their stuff. Most of it has already been moved in and set up so they get to walk into a mostly furnished home.

A Closely Connected 1st Floor

The couple stands in the foyer for a moment to take it all in:

To the right is a home office perfect for when Jim can work out of the house (or Pam brings some home with her). The couple walk down the small hallway to the right leading to the kitchen and informal dining area:

Pam runs her hand along the granite counter tops, thinking about all the fun times she’ll have cooking meals and chatting with her friends. Jim is opening and closing the cabinets with suprising interest because they don’t make a sound as they do (they are soft-close cabinets afterall). He’s also feeling excited about trying out a few recipes he knows.

Jim walks over and takes Pam’s hand to lead her on to see the other rooms in the house. His style is to see everything quickly and then get used to the details as time goes on while Pam likes to explore everything about a room before moving on. She allows him to lead her on this time, but when they get to the master suite she’s taking her sweet time (she and Jim laugh at her wordplay).

The next room they walk into is the more formal dining room.

Formal dining room

The couple starts talking about all of the holiday dinners they’ll have here: Thanksgiving turkeys, Christmas Eve hams, and the classic New Years staples for starters. Of course, with their larger family they’ll need to use the kitchen dining area too. The kitchen island is ideal for putting the food on for a buffet-style dinner.

Pam finishes looking and calls Jim to follow her into the connected sitting room:

Here is where they and their friends can retire to relax and talk after dinner. Jim would rather use the great room but that’s only because the huge tv is in there and he wants to watch ESPN. Pam knows he can just watch the same thing after their guests leave so she is going to make this room the after dinner room.

And with that they are back in the lobby, having made a full circle. Instead of going into the great room Pam drags Jim upstairs to look at the master suite again before the movers show up with the furniture for it.

Exploring The Master Suite Of This Ashburn, Virginia Home

The master bedroom is just as big as the couple remembers:

Pam already knows where the bed, nightstands, and everything is going to go because she basically planned it all out the moment she first saw it. She turns to talk to Jim but he’s gone. She goes over to the master bathroom, checking it and both closets that are in there.

Pam finds Jim just walking around the master bathroom as if he can’t believe it’s the one he’ll be using for the rest of his life. He can’t and he’s very happy about that:

They walk out of the master suite together to explore the other rooms, the finished basement, and the back deck when they hear the squealing brakes of the mover’s truck outside. The couple decides to explore the other rooms of this Ashburn, Virginia home after they finish moving their stuff in.

What did you think if this home we built? We’d love to read what you think in the comments below!