Building A Garage For A Home In Northern Virginia

See The Process We Take For How To Build A Garage And How It Turns Out

This project was done back in 2017 as part of a home building project in Nokesville. The garage took about 1 full month to build from breaking ground to finishing touches. Let’s take a look at the process.

Can We Build It?

“Yes, we can!”

Greg glances over the plans for the house he’s building in Nokesville. The detached garage they’re going to be building is the first part of the home they’ll be doing. It’ll set the tone for the whole project so it needs to go smoothly.

He looks out over the area they’ve been prepping as he thinks about the previous jobs they’ve done.

Beginning to build a garage in Nokesville, Northern Virginia

They’ve been constructing houses for a long time, including garages, so there shouldn’t be any issues. The guys are just being too detailed trying to make sure everything is set up right. Greg’s ok with it though because it shows that they take their job seriously, which he certainly appreciates.

They already have the plan, tools, and materials, so now they just need to start.

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How To Build A Garage In 10 Steps

  1. Measure out and mark the boundary
  2. Build and frame the bottom
  3. Pour the foundation
  4. Build the frame
  5. Put the walls together
  6. Attach outer sheathing
  7. Install roof trusses
  8. Finish roof
  9. Install windows and doors
  10. Finishing touches

Greg’s team already marked out the area so now they need to build a bottom frame to hold the concrete they’ll be pouring. Once that’s done they start pouring the concrete to form the floor:

They even out the concrete and let it sit until it solidifies. Don’t want to be working with a not fully dry flooring or it might end up uneven and that’s a lot of work to redo. The team starts building the garage exterior and gets it all the way to where they’re installing the siding and doors:

Finally, Greg and his team put the finishing touches on the garage. This is how it turned out:

A Well-Built Garage

Greg nods in satisfaction as his inspector shakes his hand. The garage is well-built and all to code, meaning the process for building a garage went as smoothly as he knew it would. He looks at the rest of the team smiling and shaking hands. Looks like a good start to building this Nokesville home.

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