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Culpeper House Design You May Want For Your Home

Custom Design Your Culpeper House So You Can Live In Your Dream Home

This house in Culpeper, VA is a Stonehill Builders original design. It’s already off the market, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one like it. It features a beautiful brick exterior, an open-concept style first floor, an amazing master suite, and more (just wait until you see the kitchen!) Let’s see how it looks as Wade and Vanessa take a tour of it to see if it is the home for them.

“It’s quite a charming house, isn’t it Vanessa?”

Culpeper house brick front

Wade glances over to the passenger seat of their white SUV to see Vanessa finally look up from her phone. “Oh, wow, it’s actually quite lovely,” she says distractedly as she looks back down at her phone. “Sorry hon, I just have to finish this email first.”

Wade rolls his eyes, thinking “I hope she’ll put it down long enough to actually see the inside of this Culpeper house we’re thinking about buying.” He’s been driving a long time so he hopes this house is worth the time.

So far, it is.

The car glides down the driveway, coming to rest in front of the garage. Wade and Vanessa climb out and walk to the front door, Vanessa’s eyes still down on her phone. But that changes when they walk through the front door…

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An Open-Concept First Floor Design

As the couple steps through the front door, Wade sees Vanessa do a double-take. Her eyes glance up from the phone, go back down, and then immediately jump back up.

“Wade. This is gorgeous!” she says in wonder.

“That little room on the left with the glass door could be a study or a home office, the room on the right could be a sitting area or a dining room, and oh look I think the kitchen is through here,” Vanessa gushes as she walks towards the kitchen.

The Kitchen

“Wow, it already has all the appliances in place! That would make moving a lot less stressful,” Wade notices.

Vanessa is too busy taking a closer look at the countertops and cabinets.

“I can already see myself cooking up a feast in here, or just having some cereal in the morning. Oh, these cabinets are soft-close! Less of a racket when the kids are visiting and trying to find something to eat. And these granite countertops are sooooo nice!” she says in excitement.

“Wade, stop staring into the other room and come here, we’ll get to that one sooner or later.”

View of kitchen and parallel hallway inside Culpeper home

Wade strides over to take a closer look too. “The lighting is nice, the tile floor is beautiful and should stand up to spills and drops, plus all this space means no more crowded kitchen,” he thinks happily.

“Overall, I really like it. Plus we can either eat in the dining room right through there or right here in the kitchen,” he says aloud.

“Great!” Vanessa beams. “Let’s go look at the room you were just peeking into.” She grabs Wade’s hand and practically pulls him along into the next room of the Culpeper house.

The Family Room

“There is so. much. space!”

“We can fit our whole family in here and have some wiggle room,” Vanessa observes. Her comment falls on deaf ears as Wade stares at the wall above the fireplace, picturing what size tv he could fit there. He jumps as Vanessa pinches his arm a little, waking him from his daydream.

“Enough thinking about the tv. We don’t even know if we’ll buy this house, although it is very nice so far. Let’s go see what the master suite is like.” The couple takes the stairs up to the second floor to see what the master suite is like.

The Master Bathroom In This Culpeper House

“Forget about the master bedroom, the master bathroom is the shining star of the upstairs.”

“This is a bathroom I could spend the rest of my life using,” Vanessa whispers. “Me too,” Wade says loudly, the words echoing off the bathroom tiles. The couple look at each other, communicating silently, saying “We should definitely consider making an offer on this Culpeper house.”

The couple then continue to walk around and see the rest of this Culpeper house.

While this house is real, the characters are not nor are they meant to represent any specific person(s).