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Custom Home Builder In Northern Virginia Brings Client’s Vision To Life

Watch As We Bring A Client’s Beautiful Vision To Life In Northern Virginia

The Wick family, as we shall call them, are crafting a custom home using a custom home builder in Northern Virginia. They have already chosen what the house and individual rooms will look like from a list of options. After almost a year, they finally have their dream space. 

You can see the custom home the Wicks created as they see it completely furnished for the first time.

“John I am so excited right now I just don’t know what do to with myself,” Helen Wick says while fiddling with her phone.

“Me too!” John Wick replies excitedly. “We started the process almost 11 months ago when we first contacted our now favorite custom home builder in Northern Virginia. After 8 months due to that snafu with the electrical company we finally have our retirement home.”

Helen sighs with relief, “But now that is over and we get to see our new custom home in Northern Virginia! The home we will spend the rest of our lives in, right by our family too. Could it get much better?”

“We’ll find out when we see the house,” John says with a grin. “Speaking of which, here we are now.”

Custom home built by a custom home builder in Northern Virginia

“Hon, are you ok,” John asks in concern as he sees Helen start wiping her eyes. “Oh, don’t worry about me dear, I’m just happily overwhelmed,” she says, voice breaking a little. “I’ve been dreaming of this moment for so long, and now it’s finally happening!” she thinks happily.

The couple explore the outside of the house, taking it all in.

“Man, I sure am glad we ended up finding Greg. That realtor sure gave us a heck of a recommendation and he did a lot better than the guy that did your friend’s house,” John says as they walk. “Absolutely,” Helen agrees. “I love that he’s so transparent about what his process is like and that he can do what he says he can. He’s also a fun guy to work with.”

John takes Helen’s hand with a smile as they walk in silence, simply looking and taking in their new home.

A beautiful front door built by a custom home builder in Northern Virginia

“Well,” says John, breaking their quiet walk, “Let’s check out the inside and see what we’ve got.” The couple walks inside, not noticing as their steps quicken the closer they get to the front door.

John pushes the key into the lock, takes a breath, and opens the door…

The Custom Built First Floor

As the door swings open, the couple see two different rooms.

John walks straight ahead, past the stairs and first floor rooms straight into the living/family room. Helen turns right, going into the dining room.

View from inside the front door of a home built by a custom home builder in Northern Virginia

Straight Ahead To The Living Room/Family Room

John crosses the carpeted floor, turns around, and sinks into the cloth couch. He sighs, relaxing as he imagines watching his favorite football team on the big screen in front of him with his family around. All the noise and cheering will fill the house, as will the laughter (and possibly tears).

“This is absolutely the family home we dreamed of,” John quietly observes from his place on the couch:

“And I can’t forget about the Hallmark movies Helen gets me to watch every now and then,” he thinks, mood suddenly shifting.

“John, come check out the kitchen, it’s amazing!” He turns around in the couch, remembering the kitchen is right behind him in this open-concept style home. “Be there in a second,” he says before sadly standing up, not wanting to part from his place on the couch. John walks into the kitchen, wondering what the dining room Helen walked through looked like…

The Dining Room To The Right

Helen walks into the dining room, feeling John leave her side as he walks straight ahead into the family room. “Probably bee-lined straight to the couch,” she thinks as she walks.

Helen runs her hand along the solid wood table as she slowly walks around the room. She pauses for a moment by the windows to enjoy the view they give of the front yard. She dreams of flowers, plants, and other landscaping ideas that will make it even better. “I wonder if our custom home builder in Northern Virginia does landscaping too…” she wonders.

After getting to the other side of the room she goes into the kitchen which connects right to the dining room.

“John, come check out the kitchen, it’s amazing!”

Meeting In The Kitchen

“It really is amazing! Even better than when we first saw it,” John agrees.

“The seats by the island are perfect for watching the young ones do their homework while we cook,” Helen begins. “And the two ovens will be perfect for when we host our big family get-togethers, which will be more often now that we’re living closer together. Oh, and the backsplash is still perfect, just like we left it.”

John smiles at Helen’s obvious excitement. “It’s kind of hard to believe we’re retiring in such an amazing house, he thinks in wonder. We designed everything to our ideal standard and it’s turning out almost too well…” he cuts off that line of thinking before he jinxes himself.

“Helen, remember the confusion we went through for the flooring?”

“Ugh, yes,” Helen replies with exasperation. “Greg couldn’t be there that day and the company ended up giving me a lower standard tile than he usually uses. Then they wanted to charge more for an upgrade! Still can’t believe Greg covered the upgrade costs for us.” “It really was nice of him,” John agrees.

“Hey, let’s head to our first floor master suite and see how it turned out!” The couple walks towards the suite, chatting about their favorite parts the custom home builder in Northern Virginia helped them craft.

The Custom Built 1st Floor Master Suite

“This master suite makes me feel like a king,” John admires.

“It’s big enough for us to have plenty of space but without us losing each other at the same time,” Helen teases. “Right?!” John says with a smile. They walk into the master bathroom to see…

“Perfection,” Helen says in a French accent. “That fancy, huh” John says distractedly as he, too, stares in wonder. It’s one thing to plan out what it would look like but a whole other thing to actually see it in person.

“Oh my, the closet, John,” Helen gasps:

Master bedroom closet with clothes

“There’s just, so much space!” Helen continues. “I almost feel the need to go shopping for more clothes so I can fill it up all the way.” John puts his hand on his wallet instinctively, as though trying to protect it from her. “She doesn’t need it anyways, she’s made her own money to spend from a lifetime of work,” he remembers.

“Let’s go check out the upstairs where the girls will stay,” he says, taking Helen’s hand again. They walk upstairs together to see how it turned out.

The Upstairs Of This Custom Built Home Is For The Kids

“Masterful job, really. The kids are going to love this!”

“There’s plenty of room for playing because they basically run the entire upstairs. I like being downstairs better anyways,” says John, “closer to the kitchen and when we get too old for stairs we won’t need one of those Acorn Lift things.”

“True, true,” Helen sighs, looking out the window. “Oh, looks like the rest of the family is here! Guess we’ll have to look at the kids’ rooms later, John. Let’s go welcome everyone!” The couple walks downstairs, ready to start their new life in their forever home.

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.