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5 Home Addition Contractors You’ll Love Working With In NoVA

Create The Home You Want Using One Of These Northern Virginia Home Addition Contractors

You can trust one of these home addition contractors to not only build an amazing addition for you but give you a good experience as well: Moss Building And Design, Rendon Remodeling, Sun Design Inc, and a couple more. Keep reading to find out why they’re some of the best and who the last 2 are.

Our Home Deserves The Best

“It has to look amazing, be well-built, and the contractor needs to be easy to work with.”

Tyler knows Marla can definitely get the first two requests, but he isn’t so sure she can get the last one too. He pauses Fight Club so he can pay better attention to her. The home addition they’re getting is for both of them so he needs to help out where he can.

“There can’t be that many home addition contractors in Northern Virginia so it shouldn’t be too hard to narrow it down,” he says helpfully. “Let’s look it up on Google and see what we can find.” Marla agrees, but she’ll only take the best for their home.

The couple heads over to their computer to find someone to bring one of these 7 home addition ideas to life.

1. Moss Building And Design

The first company they come across is Moss Building And Design.

The 3 elements that make up Moss’s business model are trust, transparency, and character. Their guiding principles are safety, high quality, high performance, customer focus, and fairness. They’ve been servicing the Northern Virginia area as a home contractor since 2001.

Marla likes the sound of this company, but picking the first one they find seems too quick. The couple’s search continues.

2. Rendon Remodeling

After 30 years of working in the remodeling business, Fred Rendon finally decided to start his company. They started out small and over time have grown their services to include home addition contractors for Northern Virginia homes. From sunrooms to 2nd story additions they can do it!

Tyler appreciates the alliteration in the name, and the 30 years of experience their founder has, but he wants more than just 2 companies to choose from. They press on to find more home addition contractors in Northern Virginia

3. Sun Design, Inc

This company wants you to be a key member of the team that will build your home addition. Their design process seems very evolved and highly detailed, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. They also like to create spaces that make the most of natural light (which works really well with their company name).

The couple likes that they put more work into making natural light a main part of the home, but they need 2 more contractors before they’ll stop.

4. Mike Garcia Construction

This family-owned and operated company has been in business since 1981. Their philosophy is “think long term”, which possibly means they want to build you a home that will look good for a long time. Their design fees mostly range from $1,800-2,500 for projects in their area.

Marla likes the family-owned and operated part while Tyler’s more attracted to the fact they put their price right on the additions page. Now they just need one more contractor…

5. Stonehill Builders

“Wow, they’re recommending themselves on their own website, huh?” Marla says, crossing her arms and raising an eyebrow. “Must mean they stand by their work and believe in their processes,” Tyler says approvingly.

Since starting this family-owned business in 2005, Stonehill Builders has been creating clients’ visions as home addition contractors and more in Northern Virginia. This includes over 30 basements, decks, outdoor living spaces, and screened in porches. Their main focuses are on transparency and communication so everyone knows the plan and what’s going on during construction.

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Who Will The Couple Choose?!

Now comes the hardest part: choosing the best home addition contractor for them. They’ll be looking at portfolios and galleries, checking out reviews, and then making calls and setting up appointments. But Tyler and Marla are finally on their way to adding a beautiful addition to their home.

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