7 Home Addition Ideas You Will Want For Your House Right Now

Expand Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Space With An Addition So You Can Have More Of What You Love
2 potential home addition ideas in one

You can use any of these home addition ideas to make your home more amazing. Open concept kitchen, finished basement, another story, and more.

Find all 7 ideas below-

More Elbow Room, Please

“You want more space? Well, what do you suggest then?”

Ryan smiles. “I think it’d be a great idea to get a home addition. I’ve been looking at a few ideas and some of them look amazing!” Meg frowns in thought. “What do you want to get from an addition?”

McLean home back porch

“Well, maybe a man-cave type deal, open up more room in places, increase our curb appeal, or something along those lines. It really depends on what kind we get,” Ryan says.

Meg nods a bit. “Ok, show me these home addition ideas you like. We can go through them together and see if we want to add any of them to our home. Then we can look for a contractor who does home additions.” Ryan whoops and whips out his phone. He pulls up a post he found about ideas for home additions and shows it to Meg.

Here is what they see-

7 Popular Home Addition Ideas

  1. Open-concept kitchen
  2. Finishing the basement
  3. Outdoor living space
  4. Detached garage
  5. Add another story
  6. Add another room
  7. Install dormer windows

“Here, I’ll scroll down so you can see pictures and stuff,” Ryan says as he scrolls.

Tile flooring made to look like natural stone

Making The Kitchen Open-Concept

Open-concept kitchens are one of the most popular additions you can do for your home. It’s when there aren’t really any walls separating the kitchen from other areas of the home. The popular style is to not have walls between the kitchen and living room.

Open concept living room and kitchen

It makes interiors feel more spacious. You also won’t feel cut off from what’s happening in the living room if you happen to be cooking. Since kitchens are one of the more popular areas to socialize in, adding space to it is a definite bonus.

It may not seem like an addition, but once you knock down those walls all that open space will seem like an addition for sure.

“This next home addition idea is perfect for a man-cave,” Ryan points out as he scrolls down.

Finishing The Basement

You can turn that spooky storage area into a full on room! It can be perfect for guests to sleep in, as a man or woman-cave, or a kid play area. Finished basements also add value to homes. 

Finished basements are one of the more popular home addition ideas

Whatever you decide, you can use a finished basement as an escape.

“Wouldn’t that be great!?” Meg nods and motions for Ryan to keep scrolling through these home addition ideas.

Installing An Outdoor Living Space

You can extend your house to the outdoors. Outdoor living spaces can have all kinds of cool ideas in them. They can include water features, fireplaces, pergolas, furniture, outdoor kitchens, and many more. You can also include decks and patios here.

Outdoor living spaces are a great home addition idea

You can have dinners outside, enjoying the warmth of the early evenings in summer. Watch the stars twinkle overhead as you relax with friends and family.

“Now THIS is a cool home addition idea. Let’s see what else is on here.”

Building A Detached Garage

This is great for the other car, extra storage space, and/or a nice workshop. It can protect the car from bad weather and accidents. The extra storage space can open up more parts of your home (like for finishing the basement).

One of the best home addition ideas is to build a detached garage

As for the workshop, there aren’t many DIYers who wouldn’t love something like this. And, if anything, you can use it as a separate living space or turn it into one if you need it.

“Another great idea for a home addition. It makes me excited for the next one.”

Adding A Second Story

While this one is pretty intense it will change your home. You’ll have an entirely new floor that can host more people. This is especially great for families that are or will be expanding.

Front of blue sided home in Nokesville

You can put a home office up there, a man/woman cave, or just have more room for family and friends.

“This might be a bit much for us, but this next one could be exactly what we need!”