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5 Home Addition Ideas That Will Benefit Your Family

Bring Something New And Exciting To Benefit Your Northern Virginia Home
2 potential home addition ideas in one

You can use these home addition ideas to make your home even better for your family. Finishing your basement, creating an outdoor living room, adding a deck or even another story can add a breath of fresh air to your home. Whether it’s to create more space for fun activities or adding an area for your personal relaxation, you can find your next home addition idea right here.

Here are 5 house addition ideas you might fall in love with.

We Have A Few Options

“There are plenty of ideas to choose from, we just have to both agree on one.”

The Jones family is trying to decide which home addition idea is best for their family and home. Kevin and Kelly both have some idea as to what they want, but there’s one major problem: they want different things.

Kevin wants a place he can go to relax and be by himself. It needs to be a place he can also do his hobbies without interruption. Kelly wants more room so they can host more family and guests.

Now they just need to find something that can meet both of their needs.

Kevin doesn’t want it to be too expensive because they recently put in smart home upgrades for their home. Kelly knows they can afford something bigger because she takes care of the accounting. 

They decide to look up ideas on Google. Let’s find out what they agree to do, if anything.

1. Creating An Open-Concept Home

“A what kind of home?” Kevin asks.

Open-concept style homes basically mean taking down many of the walls separating rooms. A popular wall to remove is the one separating the family/living room from the kitchen:

This helps whoever the chef is to not feel excluded from the family and whatever’s happening because they’re in the same room. It’ll make the whole area feel more open and brighter plus more people can fit.

“This home addition idea is perfect for me!” Kelly says excitedly. Kevin just frowns and slowly scrolls to the next home addition idea.

2. Outdoor Living Space Home Addition

“Still better for you, not so much me,” Kevin grumbles.

Install a patio with a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, couches, and comfy chairs and you have yourself an outdoor room. You can cover it too so you can enjoy it even when it rains. Or put a pergola over it and thread string lights through it for a beautiful evening look. It’s ideal for entertaining friends and family or just relaxing on your own.

Kelly loves this home addition idea but knows Kevin may not like it as much so she lets him keep scrolling.

3. A Detached Garage

“Now this home addition idea is more my speed,” Kevin says with a smile.

A detached garage can be a great home addition idea for DIYers

A detached garage is a great workshop or a place to put any cars that are normally left outside. You can also turn it into a little guest house in the future, adding more space to your home.

Kelly puts her finger on Kevin’s screen and scrolls down to the next idea.

4. Adding Another Story

The couple looks at each other and back at the screen. This just might work.

Add a second story to your home for more room

Another story would give them more room and allow Kevin to have a place to escape, “and do man-things,” Kelly thinks to herself. They can have more family members come during the holidays and even host larger parties if they have a large gathering room upstairs.

Kevin’s thinking about a home theater while Kelly’s more thinking of a sitting room deal.

The couple agrees that it’s a good idea but they want to see if there are any better home addition ideas.

5. Finishing The Basement As A Home Addition Idea

“Well, it would definitely be a place I could relax and do my hobbies undisturbed,” Kevin muses. “And it’s more room so we could have more people over or at least host in a different area,” Kelly says.

Basements can be man-caves, places to send kids, hobby rooms, and almost anything you want it to be. Since they’re already a part of the house it doesn’t take as much time, effort, and money as adding a second story.

Kevin and Kelly look at each other, wheels turning as they try to decide what they want to say.

In The End…

“Wow, I’m really glad we decided on this home addition idea,” Kevin says with a grin. “Me too,” Kelly says loudly so she can be heard over their chatting friends and family.

Finishing the basement has given the couple exactly what they want without breaking the bank or disturbing their routine too much. Kevin has his personal space down there and the rest is open for hosting.

One of the other reasons it’s so great is because they used one of these 5 home addition contractors in Northern Virginia.