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House In Fairfax VA: An 8500 Square Foot Masterpiece

8500 Square Feet Of Northern Virginia House You’ll Want To Have

This house in Fairfax VA wasn’t on the market for long. It was built by Stonehill Builders as a speculation (spec) home and was quickly bought. Well, quickly for this industry. You can see why it wasn’t on the market long through the eyes of Jack and Diane as they “walk” through it. 

Jack and Diane are moving from the heartland of America to a house in Fairfax VA.

Jack is getting a new job in Washington D.C. so they’re running off to the city. They’ve been looking around in the city for a home or apartment but they are all so expensive for such a small space. They wouldn’t be able to have many of their already large family over.

The couple decide to look outside the city limits. It would be weird for them to adjust to city life anyway.

Right now they are about to begin touring a house in Fairfax, Virginia. From the pictures it seems that it might be exactly what they are looking for:

  • Plenty of room for their already large (and still growing) family
  • Open concept kitchen
  • Finished basement
  • Outdoor living space

Diane found it on a contractor’s website who is local to Northern Virginia (houses like this usually come with a warranty). She found it while reading about some fun family activities they can do in Northern Virginia. 

The photos are fantastic, but seeing it in person can be a whole other story. 

House in Fairfax VA with white plank siding

That’s why they are here to see it in person. It’s an open house and they are the first ones to arrive, so they get the entire house to themselves. As they enter the foyer the real estate agent heading up the open house walks up to them. Her name tag reads ‘Nicole’.

“Hi, and welcome to the open house! Y’all are the first ones to arrive.” she annonces cheerfully. After some small talk Jack and Diane decide to look around the house on their own. “I’m here for any questions you may have. Have a pleasant tour, let me know if you need anything,” says Nicole.

The First Floor Of This House In Fairfax, Virginia

The first thing Diane notices is how open and inviting the house is. From the foyer she can see a dining room, sitting room, and a back deck area beyond that. She loves this layout because the dining room will give the first impression to guests. It will be classy and elegant.

She really likes whoever came up with the current design. She won’t have the same style if they end up buying the house, but she can at least appreciate the way it looks now.

Jack immediately looks down at the solid hardwood flooring. He loves the warm feeling they give the house. It reminds him of home. He also likes the closeness of the dining room to the sitting room. Less of a walk to the couch after a nice hot meal.

Speaking of close, the dining room and kitchen are right next to each other too. This means it will be a shorter trip to set out or go to the food and for bringing the dishes in too. They decide to try out the trip.

Jack and Diane walk through the hallway into the kitchen. Jack whistles in amazement as Diane openly gasps at how amazing this space is:

The kitchen itself is a masterpiece.

The snow white cabinets and drawers pleasantly match the hardwood floors and dark wood of the kitchen island. This makes it so the kitchen isn’t white-washed in one color. Jack opens and closes them soundlessly thanks to their soft-close technology. No more waking up to banging doors and drawers (or trying to avoid doing so himself).

He goes to ask Nicole a few questions…

Meanwhile, Diane is envisioning herself preparing food here. She’s in love. The kitchen comes with all the appliances: double oven, stove, refridgerator, and microwave. They won’t have to lug theirs up here.

Jack returns with more information on the house. Apparently the house comes with a Murray Feiss lighting package, Kohler plumbing, and Jeldwen Energy Star windows. Looks like even the details of the house are quality.

The couple look up and realize the kitchen is bigger than they thought. Well, the whole space is. Looking out from the kitchen they see a family room complete with couches, carpet, and a television.

There is enough space for their entire family to spread out on the first floor alone! They might even be able to invite a few friends over at the same time.

Jack can see it in Diane’s eyes. She is already seeing their family moving in, making this house their home, and even making memories in it. She’s probably having Christmas here already. He smiles to himself and takes her hand so they can explore the upstairs.

House In Fairfax VA Second Floor

Jack and Diane walk through the various bedrooms until they find what they are looking for: the master bedroom and bathroom.

The countertops in here are granite as well. The vanities are separated by a nice bathtub. Jack and Diane appreciate the space separation because now they will have enough counterspace for all of their stuff. The toilet is hidden behind a short wall for privacy (for both parties). The framless, glass-door shower is quite large and looks amazing.

Diane loves the color of the bedroom because it can match will all of their stuff. This means they don’t have to repaint it like they did their last home.

From the window they can see the patio with a stone fireplace:

Stone fireplace patio at this house in Fairfax VA

“The basement is supposed to be finished right?” Jack asks Diane. “Yes, let’s go take a look.”

The Finished Basement

As they walk in they are once again taken aback by how spacious the floor is.

It’s so large they can do almost anything. Jack sees a pool table, maybe with a ping-pong attachment. The large wall is perfect for a projector so he and his friends can watch football on a huge screen.

Diane can see all of this playing out in his head. He’s nodding and smiling while looking around the place, hand on chin. She’s been on board for buying the house since she saw the master bathroom. Now she thinks Jack is too. All they need to do is ask Nicole a few more questions and then talk it over.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Jack and Diane love this house, but do you? We would love to hear your opinion on our spec home, love it or hate it. You can tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.