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House In Haymarket VA You’ll Want For Yourself

While You May Not Be Able To Buy This House You Can Have The Design For Your Next Northern Virginia Home

This house in Haymarket VA could be exactly what you’re looking for. Well, if you’re looking for 3 acres of amazing! It has sold already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a home in Haymarket just like it. You can take the tour to see if it’s up to your standards.

There is so much excitement in the air it’s almost visible.

Spencer and Kit are about to take their first home tour in Haymarket, Virginia. It’s not their first home tour ever but that doesn’t lessen their excitement. A new home is still a new home.

Exit to house in haymarket va
Photo by Famartin – creative commons license 4.0

Haymarket is a great place for them to retire. Date night can begin at the Macaron Tart where they can learn to cook or just eat a good meal. Then they would go to the Winery at La Grange to end the night.

But first they need to find a house.

“Spencer and Kit? Hi, Angelina with The Real Estate Company. Are you ready to get this Haymarket home tour your underway? Let’s begin with the exterior.”

House Exterior In Haymarket VA

“Do you like how it matches?”

Kit loves how the gray HardiPlank siding blends with the navy blue shutters and beige brick. Even the roof matches everything.

Angelina begins by saying “This 4,800 square foot home sits on 3 acres of land.” Spencer says “Kit, that’s enough room for us to live in by ourselves while having room for guests. Plus 3 acres means we can have a garden or pond again, just like home.”

Angelina continues “There is also a screened in porch around back. You can enjoy being outside without being outdoors. Now let’s head inside.”

Interior Of This House In Haymarket VA

They walk in the front door to an open-concept design.

Kit looks left and sees a potential living room. Spencer looks right into what could be the dining room. Angelina looks upwards and smiles.

“To the left is a living room area and to our right is a dining room. The first 2 rooms guests will see are 2 of the fanciest in most homes. It’s quite the first impression.” Kit nods thoughtfully in agreement while Spencer asks “What brand of lights are these?”

“Murray Feiss,” Angelina replies, “quality fixtures that should last for years. They are under warranty too, as are these hardwood floors. Now let’s explore the open-concept kitchen.”

The Open Concept Kitchen

“Open-concept?” Spencer and Kit say in unison.

Angelina excitedly replies “Oh yes it’s all the fashion in modern homes today. It means that the chef will no longer be cut off from the rest of the house. Here, come see what I mean.”

Kit gasps as they walk into the kitchen. 

The granite countertops look amazing, almost like marble. The kitchen comes fully equipped with a Kitchen Aide package, so they don’t have to bring their appliances with them. The 9 foot island in the middle is ideal for prepping food, eating, socializing, and even making sure homework gets done.

Spencer runs his hand along the beautiful granite, appreciating the great cooking surface.

Angelina starts off with “Open-concept means the kitchen is open to other rooms. You can have a kitchen dining area right here. The family room is right through that opening. As for the kitchen, the cabinets and drawers are soft-close so you won’t hear a lot of banging as they close.”

“That’s great because Spencer likes to snack haha. Hey Angelina, what’s the big room over there?” Kit asks.

The Family Room

“This is the family room, where games are played and memories made.”

Family room with gas fireplace in a house in haymarket va

Spencer first notices how there is an outlet for a television above the gas fireplace. Kit’s thinking about curling up on a couch in front of a fire. Angelina’s wondering how well she’s doing with the tour…

“While we’re here, why don’t I tell you about the bathrooms. They. Are. Beautiful. Makes me want to remodel the bathrooms in my own house. They follow a more modern design, have walk-in showers (no tubs), and granite countertops:

“Now I can’t wait to see what the master bathroom is like!” Kit says eagerly. Angelina says “I was planning on saving that for last because it’s amazing but, well, why don’t we go see it right now?!”

The Master Bathroom

“It’s…magnificent!” Kit says in awe.

Even Spencer is taken aback by how amazing the master bathroom is. A freestanding tub sits quietly beneath double hung windows. On the left is a frameless glass door shower and on the right is a separate room for the toilet:

Beautiful master bathroom in a house in haymarket va

Que Angelina with the details “The vanities are granite countertops atop maple painted wood cabinets. They sit on either side of the double doors. You each have your own personal space in this shared space. There’s also a closet right here.”

Master bathroom vanities in a house in haymarket va

“This is too perfect,” Kit exclaims, “what’s the catch?” she says jokingly to Angelina.

Angelina laughingly says “No catch, no catch! Just an amazing bathroom with a fantastic master bedroom.”:

“Put down some carpets on top of the hardwood and this could be the most comfortable room in this house. The hardwood makes this room feel warm and inviting. Personally, I’d leave most of it open because I love hardwood floors. Oh, and don’t forget the closet space!”

“I don’t think there’s anything you could show us that would make us want to move in here more.” Spencer says confidently.

“Well,” says Angela, “there is an unfinished basement you can design however you like. It could be a great man space, entertainment area for kids, or anything you need really.”

Spencer likes the sound of that.

“Can we have a few minutes to talk Angelina?” Kit questions. “Of course, I’ll be downstairs in the kitchen if you need me.” Angelina glides out of the room, sure she’s smelling a sale in the air.

Would You Buy It?

Spencer and Kit are discussing this decision right now. We would love to know if you’d buy this house (or one just like it). You could even build a custom house to your ideal standards. You can let us know if you’d buy it or not in the comments below.

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All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.