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House In Manassas VA So Incredible You Might Want One Too

This Is One Of Those “You Won’t Believe It Until You See It” Houses In Northern Virginia

This house in Manassas VA was built as a spec home. This means Greg (owner of Stonehill Builders) built the house with the belief someone would buy it – and somebody did. Check out the details to see why this house didn’t stay on the market for long.

Long range view of Manassas house exterior with driveway

Ashley and Cameron are finally moving up in the world.

She feels her excitement building as she thinks about her new pediatric practice. It does mean she and Cameron will be moving to a new house in Manassas Virginia.

But new is exactly what they are looking for.

They have been living in the same house for a long time. Same bedroom, same bathroom, same everything. Even their weekly schedules didn’t change. Waiters at their favorite restaurants knew their orders by heart.

But that all ends today.

Moving day to house in Manassas VA

It’s moving day! They are moving their life to their beautiful new home in Manassas VA. Actually, she is currently looking out of the car window as they pull into the driveway.

“Cameron”, Ashley says, “it’s still as amazing as I remember.”

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Exterior Of Ashley & Cameron’s House In Manassas VA

Ashley feels a warm and welcoming feeling coming from the brick exterior.

She notices the dark shades of red are offset by the white mortar holding them together. The navy blue shutters are an ideal match.

Her scene changes as they pull up next to the garage. The backs and sides of her new home are Main Street horizontal siding. It reminds her of their old home back in North Carolina.

But here there is a lot more room.

“Do you have any ideas for the back yard yet?” Cameron asks Ashley. “Oh, I don’t know…” she responds, “Definitely a garden, maybe a water feature, some outdoor lights, and plenty of open grass for parties and corn hole, which you’ll never beat me in.” Cameron playfully frowns at her and gets out of the car.

With this much yard space, they can do almost anything.

“Cameron, I’m going inside to look at everything again!” Ashley says with excitement. She walks up to the front door to look through their beautiful new home again.

Their New Home’s Fantastic First Floor

Ashley steps onto the dark hardwood floor of the foyer. It’s still hard to believe that this is their new home. She looks down at the floor. The dark hardwood can last for years and still look amazing.

She walks to her left and enters the living room. She can already see the couch, chairs, and coffee table that are going in here.

Glancing into the adjoining sunroom she can already picture herself reading a book with the sun all around her.

Ashley walks through the dining room and into the kitchen. “Cameron”, she calls, “isn’t it great how the kitchen came with these GE appliances?”

“Yeah”, he responds from the family room, “and the Energy Star windows will help keep the house the right temperature, especially with that sunroom.”

Kitchen in home in Manassas VA

She joins him in their new, larger family room. The two-story ceiling rises above them with windows letting in plenty of sunlight. The natural stone fireplace dominates the room. It, too, rises to the ceiling. Ashley can already see warm winter nights in front of a fire, watching television or playing games. “Why limit it to just winter,” she thinks with a smile.

Large family room in a house in Manassas VA

“Hey Ash, help me carry these boxes to our bedroom,” Cameron asks. “Sure, I’m heading that way anyway,” she murmurs, only halfway paying attention. She watches him pick up a box labeled ‘MBT’ and head up.

She grabs a ‘WBT’ box (this is the last time she lets Cameron label anything) and heads upstairs.

The Stunning Second Story

Ashley forgot how amazing the master bedroom and bathroom are.

Her pace quickens as she passes the bedrooms on the way to her and Cameron’s new bedroom. She steps inside and realizes once more just how large it is. It’s large enough for any size bed to fit and have plenty of room. There’s also a smaller area that can be a sitting room.

She sets the box down beside the gas fireplace and wanders over to the closets.

The two walk-in-closets are something she’s only had dreams about. Now they are her reality. She might have to go buy more clothes so she has enough to take up the extra space. Speaking of dreams, Ashley feels like she’s in one every time she walks into the master bathroom.

She notices how the beautiful beige ceramic tiles outline the shower, bathtub, and black vanities. The shower and toilet are in their own alcoves. This leaves plenty of space and privacy for her and Cameron to use the bathroom at the same time.

“Hey, Ash, bad news but that ‘WBT’ box actually goes in the basement. It stands for ‘Worldly Basement Things’” Cameron says reluctantly. Ashley gives him ‘the look’ and grabs the box. “It’s a good thing for you that’s the last place on my tour.”

Cameron looks sheepishly away and apologizes. Ashley gives him a kiss on the cheek to let him know she isn’t actually mad and heads to the basement.

The (Nearly) Boundless Basement

The sheer size of it makes Ashley stop midstep down the stairs.

It’s so big she could fit her family, Cameron’s family, and most of their friends in it. Comfortably. Holidays, birthdays, Superbowls, New Years, and many other events. Soon it will be full of memories of their friends and family. 

Large basement in a house in Manassas VA

Ashley sees the little wetbar and walks over to it. She sets her box down on it and looks around. There are a couple storage areas down here too and they will get full quickly. She isn’t exactly sure what she’s going to do with the room down there. It could work as a guestroom or maybe she could turn it into something else.

She hears footsteps and voices of excitement from upstairs. Looks like everyone is here, meaning it’s time for her to give the tour. Ashley heads upstairs to find Cameron and everyone else.

She’s finally home.

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All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.