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House In Middleburg Virginia: A Custom Creation You May Copy

After Seeing How Amazing This House Design Is You Just May Copy It For Your Northern Virginia Home

Though this house in Middleburg, Virginia didn’t stay on the market for long, you can have one just like it. You can use this model to inspire ideas on creating a custom home instead of trying to find one. What says “you” better than a custom home you created yourself? It’s possible, and we would love to help you make it happen.

You can see the possibilities along with Josh and Janice as they take a walkthrough of this home.

“J&J, at it again!”

Josh laughs as Janice uses their couple nickname. It sounds kind of like a deli, but he loves her and delis so it sounds perfect to him. Speaking of delis he could really use some food right now. They’ve been going around looking at houses in Middleburg, Virginia all day without a break.

But this is the last one on their list, so he can wait a while longer. Judging by the look of it, it could be worth the wait:

Josh lets out a low whistle in amazement as they glide down the driveway. Janice grabs his hand in excitement. He’s glad she’s feeling the same as he is about this home and they haven’t even been inside yet. 

“It’s an all brick veneer on 4 acres of land with a faux balcony on the front, which means there isn’t a door leading out to it, and a screened in deck around the back,” Janice shoots off automatically.

Josh isn’t surprised because she’s been reading about these houses for weeks. She probably even knows what the plumbing is like.

“C’mon Josh, let’s get inside already!” Janice says quickly. “There’s so much to do, so much to see, and we don’t have that long before it gets dark out and we have to drive back to the hotel.”

The couple climbs out of the car and walks inside, side by side.

Straight shot of back of house in Middleburg Virginia

Through The Middleburg Home’s Front Door


Silence is all that Josh and Janice can give right now. They are standing in the foyer of this Middleburg home and can’t say a word because they are too busy looking around in awe:

“They look so good that either one of these could be used as dining rooms,” Josh thinks in amazement, “it really just depends on which is closest to the kitchen.”

“Wow, this is simply…incredible,” whispers Janice, breaking the silence. “Which one is closer to the kitchen? That one makes the most sense for a dining room and the other could be a sitting area or something. Speaking of the kitchen, where is it? Let’s go find it Josh.”

“I think it’s through here hon, let’s try this way,” Josh says, taking the lead. They walk forward, finding something even more amazing than the front rooms…

The Middleburg House’s Open Concept Kitchen Idea

“Well I’m sold,” Janice states firmly.

Josh knew she would be the moment he saw the kitchen. “I’m impressed and I don’t even cook, or do much in the kitchen for that matter. But this, this might get me around here more often”:

“Wow, Janice, it even comes with appliances, and good ones too. I’ve seen them when we were walking around Lowes and other stores. Means we won’t have to lug ours all the way out here. And look back there, to the left, there’s a laundry room too!”

“Josh, turn around and take a look. This room is more than just the kitchen,” Janice responds slowly. Josh turns around, eyes widening at the sight:

“This looks like it was made so everyone can be together, even when there’s someone cooking. Janice, you can make food as you watch the cooking channels! It can finally be a reality,” says Josh triumphantly, as though solving a major issue. “It’s true! Bet you won’t be complaining about it anymore,” she teases.

“Yeah, yeah,” Josh says dryly. “Let’s go look at the master suite and see if it’s as fantastic as this area is.” He takes Janice’s hand and they head up the stairs.

The Middleburg Master Suite

“Talk about spacious.”

House in Middleburg Virginia master bedroom

“The color is really nice too,” says Janice thoughtfully. “It can match with a lot of our stuff back home, so that means less work redecorating or buying new decor. I like the hardwood floors too because they have an inviting look, although we will need to have some rugs in here to walk on.”

“It’s a good thing we have plenty,” says Josh knowingly. They even have rugs on some areas of their carpets for extra cushion. “What’s through this sliding door ohmygoodness…”

Josh walks over to see what Janice is talking about. When he sees the bathroom he blinks in surprise and says “That’s a lot of pink.”

“That’s it? That is your reaction?!” says Janice in disbelief. “Look at it! This is amazing, so what if it’s pink? If it’s that big of a deal we can always repaint it a different color. Or you can use the other bathroom we saw on the way up here”:

House in Middleburg Virginia master bedroom

“True, true,” Josh murmurs absently. He’s too busy thinking about if he wants the house to respond to Janice. “She really seems to love it, and that’s what’s important to me,” he thinks decisively. “Well, hon, what do you think of the house?”

“Well,” she responds thoughtfully, “I…”

Would You Want This House In Middleburg, Virginia?

There’s more rooms to see and explore in this house that Josh and Janice didn’t get to see yet. This house is ideal for larger families or people who like to host social gatherings or family events due to its large size. Of course, that doesn’t mean smaller families can’t use some of the ideas here for their own custom home.

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All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.