Cost Of Building A House In Northern Virginia You’ll Love

You Can Find Out Just How Much It Costs To Build A Quality Home In Northern Virginia
The cost of building a house in Northern Virginia can be worth it when your house looks like this

The average cost of building a house in Northern Virginia is about $300,000. You can find out why and what the differences are before you make a decision. It really all comes down to what you want and how much you want to spend. Some of the costs are location, lot and house size, materials, and landscaping. 

You can find out more about these costs below.

Building Our Forever Home

“We’re going to be spending years here so it needs to be perfect, no matter the cost,” Jane states with finality.

John agrees with her. They’ve finally decided to move to Northern Virginia to be closer to their family. But their family isn’t going to be moving anytime soon and neither will they.

This means the home they move into will be their forever home. Instead of buying one already made they want to build their own so it’s their ideal home.

The cost of building a house in Northern Virginia can be worth it when your house looks like this

“We do need to find out some information on the cost of building a house in Northern Virginia,” John suggests. Jane agrees, thinking it’ll be good to know what they’re getting into so they won’t be shocked or think someone’s trying to take advantage of them. The couple gets online to see what they can find on how much it costs to build a home in Northern Virginia.

After they find out more they’ll get a quote from a contractor.

Main Costs For Building A House

The main costs for building a house are:

  • Physical location of the house
  • Size of the lot
  • Square footage
  • Materials quality
  • Hiring a contractor
  • Landscaping

The costs for building the actual house also include site work, framing, foundation, exterior finishes, major systems like electrical work, interior finishes, and some miscellaneous costs.

Pouring the bottom slab as part of building a garage

“A lot more goes into building a house than I knew,” John remarks. Jane nods in agreement because she didn’t think about a lot of this stuff either. “I guess in the end the cost of building a house in Northern Virginia comes down to what we want and how much we’re willing to spend to get it.”

“So, what type of home do we want?”

The Cost Depends On The Type Of House

Development Homes ($150,000+)

These homes are part of a neighborhood and have similar designs across the board. They are usually very customizable but you have to choose between certain floorplans and locations. You’ll be further away from the closest city but they do tend to be cheaper than custom homes (sometimes by 15%).

The cost of building a house in Northern Virginia changes if you buy a development home

“Further from the city isn’t too bad and the customization part is nice. I’m not sure how I feel about the limited floor plan and location options though,” Jane comments.

“It makes the cost of building a house in Northern Virginia cheaper, but we might end up further from our family than we want,” John observes.
The couple scrolls down to see the other types of houses.

Prefabricated Homes ($150,000-450,000)

Homebuilders build the parts for these homes offsite and then move them to the lot where they assemble it, like a puzzle but without the guesswork. They come in 2 types:

  • Panel homes build and fasten the walls to the floor which can speed up construction time and lower costs.
  • Modular homes are created in sections and then assembled onsite. They aren’t the best in terms of size and features but the design options can make up for it.
Prefabricated home with a modern look costs more to build

They can be up to 20% cheaper than custom homes but they just don’t have the same number of feature options.

“Better than development homes, but I don’t know how I feel about them. They seem kind of…cheap for some reason,” John says with a frown. Jane thinks so too and scrolls down to the third type of house.

Custom Homes ($350,000+)

You can have as much or as little control over the design, features, and everything as you want. It can be a reflection of your style and even personality because you are the one designing it.

This does make estimating a price difficult because there’s no average.

Having a custom built home will drive up the cost of building a house in Northern Virginia

The best we can really say is the cost of building a custom home in Northern Virginia can be $1.50-2.50 per square foot. You’ll also need to hire an architect who usually asks for 5-15% of construction costs.

“This is more of what we’re looking for. Too bad there isn’t really a price estimate,” Jane says sadly. “We can at least figure out the differences between standard and luxury materials and pricing then go from there,” Joe suggests helpfully.

They scroll down to read more about the differences in the cost to build a custom house.

The Differences In The Exterior Costs Of Building A Standard vs Luxury House

You can find the differences in the materials and even the choices you make about your future home.

Foundations can cost anywhere from $30,000-60,000. Neither John nor Jane knew foundations cost this much. It involves digging, filling, backfilling, possibly setting up basement walls, plumbing, and maybe even temporary retaining walls to protect the foundation.

House frame can change the cost of building a house in Northern Virginia

Framing the house can cost $70,000-120,000. It’s basically the skeleton structure of your home.

Exterior finishes can be anything from $60,000-120,000. This includes roofing, walls, windows, and everything on the outside of your home.

“Well, at least it makes sense. These aren’t easy to build and better materials like brick cost more than plank siding,” John muses.

Standard Exterior

Grey slatted Haymarket house

The exterior of this house in Haymarket costs about $44,000. The design is lower budget with quality materials that are on the less expensive side.

  • 3-acres
  • Gable roof
  • Minimal front exterior details
  • Architectural shingles
  • Vinyl siding
  • Aluminum wrapped trim

Luxury Exterior

Middleburg brick home with black double doors

This larger, luxury exterior on this house in Middleburg goes for about $88,000. The materials are high quality, meaning it’ll last longer and look great doing so.

  • 4-acres of land
  • Modern style roof
  • Bump out in the front and rear
  • Large front porch and deck around back
  • Hardy siding
  • PVC exterior trim package

The couple definitely likes the luxury look better. Price doesn’t really matter to them because they plan on living in this house for the rest of their lives.

They scroll down to see what differences there are in the interior cost of building a house in Northern Virginia.

Differences In The Interior Costs For Building A Standard vs Luxury House

Installing systems can cost $60,000-80,000. These include electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc. It depends on the number of systems, types, sizes, and other variables.

Finishing the interior usually starts at $85,000. Choosing the color and type of paint, appliances, flooring, and all the other parts of home design.

Standard Interior

Small dining area in the same room as the kitchen in Haymarket house

The $86,000 worth of materials here aren’t very expensive so they won’t last as long as higher quality materials.

  • Cheap but effective fixtures and plumbing
  • Laminate flooring
  • Faux granite countertops
  • Smaller room sizes

Luxury Interior

View of kitchen and family space in Middleburg home from large paneled glass doors

The $172,000 worth of high quality materials make up the interior of this home and it looks amazing:

  • Master bathroom
  • Quartz countertops
  • Quality plywood cabinets
  • Crown molding and coffered ceilings

“The differences are so easy to see!” Jane gasps. John’s still frowning at the computer as though he’s trying to see through the screen into the picture. He has to agree, it’s easy to tell.

But there are a few more things that go into the cost of building a house in Northern Virginia.

Tools, Labor, And Materials

The couple sees that higher-quality everything is more expensive upfront. In the long run, they should last longer and look great doing so. Better tools work, well, better while higher quality materials are more durable and better looking in general.

Backhoe bucket for constructing new homes

As for labor, it comes down to size, complexity, and who you hire. Per hour, the cost of the 3 main hires for building a new house can be:

  1. Land surveyors: $300-700
  2. Engineers: $100-150
  3. Architects: $60-125
Home inspector looking at a home can drive up the cost of building a house in Northern Virginia but your home will be safe

“I remembered these parts of the cost of building a house but didn’t know what their actual costs would be,” John finally says. Now they need to decide how they want to build their home.

A Year-And-A-Half Later…

John and Jane are moving into their new home, nicknamed The Greystoke Estate. It’s a wonderful custom home they put their all in to and it’s perfect from foundation to roof shingles. It’s their home.

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