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New Home Construction In Warrenton Virginia You’ll Need To Have

Some Things Are So Good You Need To Have Them, Like This House Design In Warrenton Virginia

New home construction in Warrenton, Virginia could mean building a custom home. 100% yours, down to the last detail if you wish. This home is a real home sold to a real family not too long ago. These ideas and others could be in your own home in Warrenton.

Let’s see if you like how it looks.

“I can’t wait to see our new home, can you?” says Mannfred Mhan excitedly.

“No, which is why I am glad we are on the way there now!” Lily giggles happily. The couple finally gets to see the home they’ve been building for the past few months. But the excitement they feel is for more than just the house.

They’re moving to Warrenton to be closer to their kids, “Er, adult kids,” Mannfred reminds himself silently. It’s hard to stop thinking of them as kids, even when they have their own family. Lily interrupts his thoughts with “I do not know if I am more excited about being able to babysit the grandkids or host family holidays.”

“Me either, but for right now let’s focus on what just came into view.”

It’s all smiles as the couple slowly floats down the driveway to take it all in. Mannfred parks in front of the garage. “I need to get a clicker,” he remembers with annoyance. Lily says “The movers will not be here for another 30 minutes. Want to look around inside again?”

“You know it!” Mannfred smiles. They slide out of the car and go around to the front door.

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The Foyer & It’s Neighboring Rooms

“It feels as open as I hoped it would,” Lily says:

Lily gasps gleefully, “To the left is what will be the sitting room and a sunroom. To the right is the soon-to-be dining room. That side is closer to the kitchen which means less walking between where the food is and where it is to be eaten.”

“I’m loving the way you think hon,” Mannfred says with a smile. “She has the best ideas when it comes to layout. At least I could help by knowing what materials were best.” 

“C’mon,” he finally says, “Let’s check out the family room.

The Family Fun Room

“Yup,” Mannfred says, sounding pleased. “The tv can just fit right here above the fireplace. Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?” 

“Yes, it’s wonderful!” Lily bursts out. “I can already see stockings on the fireplace, family game nights, movies, maybe even an at-home date night. It’s all coming together.” “Wow,” Mannfred says, “it’s like I’m that tree and you’re those little cookie elves running around inside. Can you read minds?”

Lily laughs as she walks into the next room. “I still can’t tell if she’s just an easy laugh or if she thinks I’m actually funny,” Mannfred considers.

He looks up from his thoughts to see the kitchen, realizing for the first time how open the first floor is. He walks in to take a closer look.

New home construction in Warrenton Virginia- main living room with stone fireplace

The Open Concept Kitchen

“I almost don’t even want to use it.”

The kitchen is spotless. And beautiful. It’s so large there’s even an area for an informal dining place, like a kitchen table place for more relaxed meals:

Full view of stained wood kitchen with chandelier inside a new home construction site in Warrenton

“I, on the other hand,” says Mannfred, “can’t wait to eat the delicious food you and I will make in this kitchen. I’d start right now if we weren’t about to get busy unloading our stuff.”

“Well then,” Lily replies, “Let’s get you away from this tempation and go check out the master suite again.”

The couple heads upstairs to see their new room.

The Masterully Done Master Suite

“Whoo, I forgot how roomy it is in here,” Mannfred says while stretching his arms out:

It is spacious enough for them to have their bedroom and a private sitting room in the alcove. “We could use that part to store our things for a bit too, although they might end up staying there for longer than we think.” “We’ll figure it out hon,” Mannfred reassures Lily. “For now, let’s focus on the memories we’ll make together in this house. And also how great the master bathroom is.”

“Nice relaxing baths, a separate little room for the toilet, a beautiful shower, and separate vanities. It’s so, just, nice.” Mannfred observes. “I’m honestly more excited about having my own vanity,” he thinks with relief.

“Babe,” Lily says questioningly, “We told them we wanted a finished basement, right?” “…Oh that’s right we did let’s go check it out right now,” gushes Mannfred as he bolts out of the room. Lily shakes her head and walks after him.

The man-cave awaits!

The Finished Basement (Or The Man-Cave)

“It even has the bar!” Mannfred  practically howls:

The wide open space, the bar, the raw potential. It’s all there. “I can already see everything and where it’s going to go. This is going to be soooo much better than my last man-cave-basement.”

Suddenly, they hear the sound of heavy boots above them. “Looks like it’s time to get to work,” Mannfred groans. He and Lily walk upstairs to unpack their life in a brand new place: their home.

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Customize Your New Home Construction In Warrenton, Virginia

A custom home can be the perfect representation of you, of your style and tastes. The best part is you can build it anywhere, from Warrenton to Italy. Would you want to live in a home of your own creation?

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All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.