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New Homes In Nokesville VA: Custom Build Your Dream Home

This Northern Virginia Home Could Have You Custom Designing Your Next Home

Yours can be the best of any new homes in Nokesville VA because it can be custom built. This home built by Stonehill Builders is a showcase of the work we can do. This one is already off the market. You can see why by following David and Michelle as they tour it.

Michelle is in love with it and they haven’t even gone inside yet.

“It’s the Colonial-style architecture, isn’t it?” David, her husband, asks inquisitively. She smiles because he remembers. She wants the Colonial look because it reminds her of her childhood home.

“Yes. This might be the last of our new homes in Nokesville VA tour!” Michelle declares.

David smiles as he parks the car. Michelle pops out and practically prances to the front door. “I don’t think anyone’s here yet, hon,” he calls, “no cars out front.” She slips him a sly smile and slides inside. 

Michelle knows he’ll be thinking “Well, if the door’s unlocked maybe someone is inside.”

The Foyer Of This New Nokesville Home

It’s not 1, but 3, rooms. Right when they walk in.

Michelle roots herself to the floor in amazement as soon as she walks in. She doesn’t move as David opens the door, and he can see why. To the left is one room, to the right is another, and through the hallway past the stairs lies the family room.

“Oh, David, over here we can put the dining room it’ll look so nice and fancy for people coming in the front door andthenover here we can put a sitting room and that family room is fabulous!” Michelle gushes in excitement. Davids turning a slow circle to look at everything. The open concept design is incredible.

“Come on David, let’s go see if someone is in the kitchen.”

The Nokesville Home Kitchen

Michelle sees David’s face light up in excitement.

As the chef of the house, David is very particular about his kitchen. Seeing his face right now is a good sign that he’s on board so far for getting the house.

Furnished kitchen in this new nokesville va home

“Oh, wow, real granite countertops, huge storage space, and it comes with this General Electric appliance package!” David says with a grin. Michelle watches him walk around like a kid during Christmas. She’s in love with the kitchen too.

Open concept kitchen in this new nokesville va home

“Well if nobody’s down here then they must be upstairs,” Michelle says, “Let’s go see if they are in the master suite!”

The New Master Suite For New Homes In Nokesville Virginia

It’s jaw-dropping.

Michelle knows David is thinking that the amount of space is ideal for their larger family. But she is focusing on the craziest part- the master suite has a sitting room.

Michelle can see herself using it. Reading before bed, watching tv with David and/or the kids, or just as a place to unwind for a few minutes.

But then she sees the master bathroom.

Michelle almost immediately forgets about the master bedroom. The master bathroom is the crowning jewel here.

The various beige’s intermix beautifully. The tile floors, the wall paint, and then the striking black vanities all work together to create a masterpiece. On either side of the door is a vanity with enough space for one person to put all their things. Michelle and David both think “Finally, enough room for all my stuff.” The other side of the bathroom is what holds the most interest for the two.

A shower and separate room with the toilet hem in a beautiful ceramic bathtub.

“I’m in” Michelle and David say at the same time. The look at each other and laugh. They haven’t even seen the whole house yet.

“Hello?” a questioning voice calls from downstairs. Looks like it’s time to take the full tour.

The Best Part?

Like Michelle and David, you haven’t seen the whole house yet. Bathrooms, bedrooms, a basement, and more await you if you want to see more of this fantastic new home in Nokesville, Virginia. You just might find exactly what you want for a custom home in Northern Virginia.

If you’ve seen something you really like, please let us know in the comments below!

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.