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Round Hill Virginia Home: A Home You’ll Never Forget

See An Amazing House Design In Northern Virginia You’ll Be Dreaming About

This Round Hill, Virginia home is magnificent. You can see the craftsmanship from finished basement to master suite. That’s one of the reasons it sold so quickly. You may end up wanting a custom home with features similar to this one. 

You can see the Round Hill home for yourself through the eyes of Jason and Heather as they tour it.

“The pictures don’t do it justice!” Heather says excitedly.

She and her husband, Jason, are pulling up to this beautiful home in Round Hill, Virginia:

Round Hill Virginia Home with brick and plank siding

Heather leaps from the car as soon as Jason parks it. She has been ready for this since she got her promotion. Their nonprofit client loves the advertising ideas she’s come up with for them. Her hard work is paying off.

Now they have the next hour to tour this house, and Heather wants to make the most of it.

“Come on Jason, let’s get inside! I want to see it.” Heather takes Jason by the hand and practically pulls him towards their potential home. “You know, I really like the use of brick for the front and planking for the sides and back,” Jason comments as they walk towards the front door.

Looking back, that was nothing compared to what they saw inside…

Inside The Front Door

“This open-concept design is amazing!”

Heather nods slowly in agreement to Jason’s words. All she has been able to do is gasp. To her left is a sitting room, to her right a dining room area, and down the hall in front of her lies the family room.

“There’s just enough space for our family to be alone together,” Jason jokes, “Even when the family comes over for the holidays.” Heather would laugh, but she is busy thinking about how the ebony hardwood floors would work with her furniture.

Jason twines his fingers in with Heather’s and they waltz into the family room.

The Round Hill Home Family Room

“Can’t you just imagine toasting our toes in front of the fire while we watch Christmas specials?” Heather sighs.

Family room in round hill virginia home with stone veneer and gas fireplace

Jason’s busy trying to figure out how he can attach his t.v. to the 2-story stone veneer. It towers impressively over the fireplace. There are plenty of windows for natural lighting and a fan to move the air around.

He turns, saying “Hon, you think we can…” only to find Heather missing. “Jason, you have got to see this kitchen!” he hears through the door to his right.

An Impressive Kitchen In This Round Hill, Virginia Home

“Just look at all. The. Room.”

Heather loves the fact that she can actually move around in this kitchen. Heck, it’s big enough for both of them at the same time! “2 ovens means faster cooking for Thanksgiving,” she says with relief. Heather loves cooking but the pressure of family and the holidays can make it stressful. 2 ovens will be much easier.

The granite countertops glisten in the light. The plentiful lighting will make cooking easier for Heather because she’ll have an easier time seeing the food.

And with plenty of cabinet space there is enough room for everything and then some.

Heather hears Jason mutter under his breath “If the first floor is this great then I wonder what the upstairs is like…” “Let’s go find out!” she says with a smile.

They both go to the stairs in the family room and head towards the master suite.

A Round Hill Home Masterpiece

Heather and Jason are just walking around the master bedroom.

Master bedroom with alcove in round hill home

“There’s just…so much room” Heather says in disbelief. Jason is standing in an alcove attachment on the other side of the bedroom. “We could put a couch and some chairs in here and have our own private family room,” Jason says wishfully. It’d be a nice little escape.

Jason turns to find Heather missing yet again. But he knows where she is: the master bathroom.

He steps inside and finds himself walking around it with Heather. Again, there is enough room for both of them to be alone together. Two vanities frame the door on each side. “Now there’s finally enough room for all of my stuff” Heather says with a sly grin. She and Jason never have enough, so it’s like a little war between them.

Master bathroom in round hill virginia home

Jason laughs in response from the separate room inside the bathroom. It holds the toilet, offering further privacy for the user. Next to it is a white ceramic bathtub.

The other side of the room has a walk-in shower and a closet large enough to hold all of their items. “It’s perfect,” Heather whispers in awe.

“Hon, we only have 30 minutes left, let’s go see the rest of the house before the next people come,” Jason says quickly. “You’re right, let’s check out the rest of the rooms up here and then head to the basement. I hear it’s finished, which could mean man-cave, if you play your cards right.

They head back the way they came to go to the basement.

A Finely Finished Basement To Finish The Round Hill Home Tour

“This definitely has man-cave potential. I mean, it already has a bar!” Jason says, eyes gleaming.

Heather may have to take back her offer. The moment she stepped foot inside the basement it was like a dam of ideas broke loose in her head. This space has so much potential.

There’s even a media room where they can watch movies on a larger screen! “Maybe I’ll finally agree to buying a projector. Jason’s wanted one for some time now anyways. We have to actually buy the house first though,” Heather thinks to herself. She is seriously considering buying the house.

She just needs to talk to Jason to see how he feels. 

They both jump as the sound of footsteps crashes into their thoughts. “Well, looks like our time is up! Let’s go scope out the competition,” Jason says energetically. They head upstairs, both thinking about if the other wants this Round Hill home too.

A Custom Home For You

It’s almost like this home was custom built to Heather and Jason’s wants and needs (and they didn’t even see all the rooms). Custom built means having exactly what you want throughout your entire home. You can create your ideal home with a custom build, and without going over budget. 

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All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.